It's a New Day for the Next Generation of Modern Lifestyle Products.
PLNTSOP Wellness is shaping today's products into tomorrow's powerful brands.

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Scientifically advanced products developed specifically for the Health and Wellness sector to compliment today's modern lifestyles. Focused on product development and distribution, our proprietary IP innovation is consolidated under an integrated ‘house of brands’ marketing concept using multi-channel sales strategy.
Premium Organic teas in a high growth beverage segment, existing national clients, multiple products, OCS strategy.
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Genie is a revolutionary pod-based cooking system which delivers nutrient-dense, chef-quality meals with a push of the button.
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VAYU is a line of Health Canada approved phytonutritional dietary supplements to rejuvenate, heal and restore the body to its optimum performance.
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In response to the great need for Personal Protection items we have used our global contacts to secure a supply chain for those in need at fair prices.

Please download our PPE offer.

We are thinking of those impacted by COVID-19, and are deeply grateful to all who protect our communities in this unpredictable time.