It's a New Day for the Next Generation of Modern Lifestyle Products.
PLNTSOP Wellness is shaping today's products into tomorrow's powerful brands.

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Scientifically advanced products developed specifically for the Health and Wellness sector to compliment today's modern lifestyles. Focused on CBD infused product development and distribution, our proprietary IP innovation is consolidated under an integrated ‘house of brands’ marketing concept using multi-channel sales strategy.
A developer and manufacturer with an impressive portfolio of science-based CBD products.
High growth beverage segment, existing national clients, multiple products, OCS strategy.

Our Technology

Powering the Next Generation of CBD Infused Products

Nano Emulsification offers an unparalleled bioavailability and speed of delivery.

Over 3 years of research and development to perfect the taste profile, and develop a shelf-stable, bioavailable and clear product thanks to our advanced nanotechnology. Activated ingredients in water-based formulas can be tailored to any application by our team of scientists and technicians.

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Working with Global Brands and Industry Leaders in the food and beverage industry.

  • Licensing Technology to our partners for ultimate control of their manufacturing and scalable process
  • Supply ready to infuse bulk CBD ingredients
  • Collaborating with our clients to refine unique composition of CBD oils
  • Our food grade nanoemulsions improve digestibility, offer efficient encapsulation, increased bioavailability and targeted delivery