tori Tori Holmes is a nutritionist, plant medicine alchemist, wellness entrepreneur, founder of Nectar Juicery in Vancouver, mentor for women, published author and international speaker.

In her early twenties, Tori’s spirit of adventure and passion for life carried her through a grueling trip across the Atlantic in a rowboat, where she became the youngest woman at the time to row across an ocean unassisted. Following the row, Tori faced a breast cancer diagnosis. Both experiences have made her turn to alternative medicine traditions from around the world, and she found her way back to wellness by utilizing the power of self-care beyond sick care. She is now a passionate advocate for the importance of plant medicine and has spent the last ten years alchemizing consumer-friendly products. Today, Tori is a leading product developer and ambassador for CBD.

Facing her own health struggles led Tori to search for an everyday medicinal beverage rooted in the integrity of Eastern practices. She found Western product interpretations were coming up short in every aspect of palette, texture and functionality. PLNTSOP (Plants Optimising People) was formed in 2018 when Tori joined forces with Raj Teja and Troy Felix, two experienced operators with existing global distribution networks.

Tori’s vision is to support people around the world—particularly women—with a plant medicine product that tastes pleasurable, radiates with health benefits and seamlessly integrates into their lives.

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