What We Do

PLNTSOP Wellness is…

Focused on CBD infused product development. Our proprietary IP innovation is consolidated under an integrated ‘house of brands’ marketing concept using multi-channel sales strategy; selling into the Office Coffee Services (OCS), vending sector plus mainstream retail and grocery channels.

Deploying our Nano Emulsification technology for formulations of new products and private label offerings, while working closely with our Food and Beverage manufacturing clients.

We bring together scientific expertise, operational, marketing and business leadership along with access to a highly targeted network of resellers, distributors and brokers.

Leveraging our nationwide base of high profile distributors offering a combined 6,000 +/- B2B reps pitching our product lineup and supported by corporate territory reps.

Business model
Lifestyle Branded Products distributed B2B Wholesale & B2C Retail.
Multi-distribution channels
Beverages & Lifestyle products: Office Coffee Service (OCS) Operators distribute to workplace end-users either directly or online. Distribution Network: wholesalers to retail operators, Online B2C.
First to market
Distributed beverages, wellness products and supplements initially targeting corporate, institutional, and CPG markets.
Ocs beverage distribution
Channel market through a network of OCS operators (there are approximately 2,300 OCS operators throughout North America supplying 3.5 million breakrooms with access to 125 million employees).
Retail distribution
Wholesale distributers to retail consumers alongside brand recognition marketing efforts.
Online distribution
Available direct to consumers, as well as wholesale and retail markets.


Significant product differentiation.
Similar to existing non-CBD products but with higher margins.
Contemporary appeal to millennial workforce.
Product positioning aligned with innovative culture.
Transparent supply chain promotes corporate responsibility.
Attracts new users and creates customer loyalty opportunities.
Ability to extend new segments based on enhanced formulations, perceived culture and cost.
Capability to pivot and rapidly introduce new brands subject to trend data.