Supply Chain

PLNTSOP Advantage


From cultivation, manufacturing, to distribution and retail, PLNTSOP brings the best of each element of the industry, controlling the entire process. PLNTSOP secure and redundant supply chain provides direct access to the market, allowing brands to be where they belong.


PLNTSOP leverages the power of its strategic partners that expand across the US and Europe offering secure and scalable supply.


Facilities in California, Nevada, Puerto Rico and Arizona, aimed to meet production demands for the US and our global partners

GMP/API Certified Laboratories

Isolate & Distillate Finished Goods Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Grade

Large Scale Commercial Ethanol Extraction

Finished Goods Manufacturing & Distribution

Certified Organic / Kosher Tea Blending Facilities

CBD & THC Extraction Facilities

Bulk Ingredient Manufacturing

GMP Certified Extraction

BHO and CO2 extraction capabilities


PLNTSOP has developed a network of the largest B2B Strategic Distribution Partners and B2C Retailers offering a combined 6,000+/- reps pitching our product line-up with coverage across North America to reach consumers at the office, at home and on-line. PLNTSOP direct access to the market provides a solid platform of developing successful brands. PLNTSOP is focused on further developing a network of strategic B2B Distribution Partners with our CBD and plant based product lineup to reach consumers at the office, at home and online. PLNTSOP’s platform of brands brings our partners quality, transparency and a trusted source.