Our Technology

Advanced AI Vending Machine

Smart. Secure. Customizable.

The next step into the future of auto-retailing.

Secure. Payment is authorized before access is granted. All customer events and products are tracked using advanced technology.
Smart. AI assisted shopping. VICKI learns customers’ preferences and habits to offer an enhanced customer experience.
Customizable. VICKI looks great representing the brand while fitting seamlessly into all retail environments.

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Key Features

  • First AI virtual assistant for retail
  • Computer vision and Intelli-Shelf to track product
  • Accepts credit cards / NFC / biometrics for payments and access
  • AI virtual assistant tracks products & customer events
  • Rich media platform
  • Web-based management software and reporting
  • Age verification for age-gated products

Nano Emulsification

Powering the Next Generation of CBD Infused Products

Nano Emulsification offers an unparalleled bioavailability and speed of delivery.

Over 3 years of research and development to perfect the taste profile, and develop a shelf-stable, bioavailable and clear product thanks to our advanced nanotechnology. Activated ingredients in water-based formulas can be tailored to any application by our team of scientists and technicians.

Working with Global Brands and Industry Leaders in the food and beverage industry.

  • Licensing Technology to our partners for ultimate control of their manufacturing and scalable process
  • Supply ready to infuse bulk CBD ingredients
  • Collaborating with our clients to refine unique composition of CBD oils
  • Our food grade nanoemulsions improve digestibility, offer efficient encapsulation, increased bioavailability and targeted delivery

Water Based CBD Benefits

For Manufacturers

For Consumers

One of the largest challenges facing producers of infused beverages is oil separation. In our ingredients the oil is wholly encapsulated making it compatible with water. Due to a variety of factors, the strength of our encapsulation does not diminish over time.
Modern consumers want to be in control of their experience. Activated Nano infused products provide consistent experiences from use to use. Predictability breeds brand loyalty.
Activated formulas are at least 2.5 times more effective than the same amount of refined cannabis oil. Making oil compatible with water makes it fundamentally more compatible with the human body. So less oil does more, saving money and improving results.
With formulas that act in as little as 3 minutes, there is no other infused CBD technology that offers a speed approaching traditional smoking. Activated Nano infused products provide a situationally responsive method of consumption that is entirely new.
Our formulas mix as naturally as milk into coffee. No longer do you need to battle to get even distribution. Just mix gently into the liquids you are using in your products and you can be confident that distribution is perfectly even.
Due to the enhanced predictability and efficacy of Activated Nano’s formulas, micro-dosing and other precision driven uses of CBD have never been more practical or attainable to consumers.